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Our Counsellors

Our Counsellors

Join Us

If you are a mental health counsellor or psychologist in Singapore, we would love to hear from you. This is an opportunity to be an integral part of our global mission to create quality mental health therapy that is attainable!


In the process, you would build sustainable careers leveraging WriteNow’s innovative platform that guarantees:

  • Predictable income that is based on simply the number of committed hours, which are flexible

  • Maximum focus on clinician-client therapeutic engagement, with thoughtful automation cutting down time-consuming processes and administrative tasks

  • Extensive career development working alongside like-minded professionals and WriteNow’s research-based clinical leadership

Thank You for Applying!

WriteNow was founded with the purpose of creating an online counselling platform that is focused on prioritizing the counsellor as our greatest resource. Counsellors are educated and trained professionals with a highly specific and in-demand skill set. We understand that if you put counsellors first, the clients will follow.

Built by Counsellors, for Counsellors

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