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  • What is WriteNow?
    WriteNow is the first and only mobile platform that enables users to privately engage with a professional counsellor at their convenience for as little as S$15 per week (charged every 4 weeks). We combine innovative clinical leadership and ethical practices to provide quality mental healthcare at better prices for clients and sustainable enriching careers for clinicians.
  • How does it work?
    [1] Register: Sign up for our Early-bird Special / Download our mobile app at Apple App Store or Google Play [2] Pick a plan: Fill in a short questionnaire in regards to your budget and communication preferences [3] Connect: Book live audio or video sessions with your counsellor (paired within 48 hours)
  • I am a bit hesitant about signing up to work with a counsellor. Is this natural?
    It is natural to have some hesitation and nervousness about starting work with a counsellor. At WriteNow.Care, the clinical team responsible for matching you to a counsellor has extensive experience in identifying the issues that are most likely to result in a good match. We consider multiple factors in making this connection, with the most important being the expertise of the counsellor to address the particular problem you are struggling with. In addition, we offer multiple ways for you to get started with counselling, including the ability to communicate via asynchronous and synchronous messaging, live audio/video sessions, and the ability to send voice recordings to your counsellor. Finally, and most importantly, our well-qualified and trained counsellors understand that starting counselling can be scary and nerve-wracking at times, and will work with you to address these totally normal and valid thoughts and feelings. You can feel free to ask questions about their process, their expertise, and their style in working with clients in order to increase your comfort level.
  • How do I change or cancel my subscription plan?
    At WriteNow, we are committed to reduce your stress when it comes to renewal and cancellation of your plans. That’s why we introduced the subscription model with a very clear and affordable price for every 4 weeks. Your subscription plan gets auto-renewed so you do not have to worry about it every month. However, we also understand that, your situation may change and you may want to discontinue counselling for a period of time. You can cancel your subscription any time you want from your profile in the WriteNow App and you will not be charged after your current billing cycle ends. For any other changes to your subscription plan, please send your request to or fill out the Contact Us form.
  • How long till I can start communicating with my counsellor?
    We promise to pair you with a counsellor within 48 hours! Confirm plus chop!
  • What to expect in a “check-in”?
    One of the most important touch points you will have with your counsellor will be the check-in. The check-in is part of every subscription plan, and is an important point of contact and rapport building with your counsellor. A check-in is meant to leave you feeling validated, understood, and empathized with, and should give you a clear sense of your counsellor’s expertise and support. You can anticipate that your counsellor will give you feedback, reflection points, or questions based on any information you have shared thus far. In addition, you can expect to receive some takeaway from a check-in that propels your work with the counsellor forward, teaches you something new, or asks that you complete a therapeutic task or homework assignment. You can ensure a good check-in experience by being honest and forthcoming about your challenges, so that your counsellor has a good sense of how to help you.
  • What to expect in a live session?
    WriteNow live sessions are typically 30 minutes in length, and this is an opportunity to work with your counsellor on any issue that is troubling you. Your live session can be via video, audio, or live chat depending on your comfort level. You can help prepare your counsellor by letting them know ahead of time if there is anything specific you would like to discuss. This will help them be prepared to make the most out of the session for you. If you find that 30 minutes does not feel long enough, you can purchase additional live sessions and combine them to allow for 60 minutes of live session time with your counsellor!
  • How is WriteNow different from in-person counselling?
    WriteNow differs from in-person counselling mainly due to the timing and cadence of meeting with your counsellor.With WriteNow, you are encouraged to use the messaging feature to write down your thoughts and feelings at your convenience. Our unique blend of messaging and live session time takes the traditional counselling model, and breaks it down into relevant, clinically sound exchanges with your counsellor over the course of four weeks. You could think of an in-person therapy session as serving a complete meal - WriteNow counsellors are trained to provide the same help, but in “smaller bites”. Your role is to provide the ingredients they need, and you can do this by writing messages, and taking advantage of your live 30 minute session! In order to give you time to practice new skills and maintain healthy independence, you are encouraged to write frequently, and when the counsellor checks in, they should be able to address your challenges in a comprehensive way.When your counsellor does respond, you can expect tangible feedback, recommendations, or questions to keep the counselling moving forward in a positive direction. Last but not least, WriteNow Counselling is available at the fraction of the cost of in-person counselling.😀
  • How do I know my counsellor is a real person?
    Great question! Our clinical team personally meets with every counsellor who joins the platform, and their education and membership in any of the clinical associations is verified. We can assure you that our counsellors are real people, committed to helping you!
  • What kind of training does my counsellor have?
    Our counsellors all have a minimum of postgraduate or graduate level training in psychology, social work, or counselling.
  • How is my privacy protected?
    Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. Our clinical staff works closely with counsellors to uphold a high standard of ethics and treatment. Additionally, we added features of live chat and private messages to maximize your discretion.
  • Do I have to use my real name to receive counselling?
    You do not have to use your real name, and can certainly use a nickname or preferred name in communication with your counsellor. We do require your legal name and address for emergency contact reasons, which is standard clinical practice. Please note that counsellors will not access or utilize your emergency contact information unless they have imminent safety concerns during the course of your care.
  • I am uncomfortable having a live session with my counsellor because I don’t want them to see my face - what should I do?
    We totally understand what a brave step it is to seek help, and also that for some people, they are not ready or willing to do a live video session with a counsellor. This is why the WriteNow platform has been optimized to allow clients a variety of options for communicating with their counsellor. Your live session can be conducted via video, with camera enabled or disabled according to your preference. You can also do a live chat with your counsellor, where you exchange live messages with one another. Additionally, we have an audio message feature where you can exchance voice recordings with your counsellor if you’d like to. We also recommend that you discuss this with your counsellor - they may have some feedback or suggestions to help you decide when you are ready for a live session.
  • I’m a counsellor earlier in my career - are there opportunities for me to get involved with WriteNow?
    We love working with early career counsellors! WriteNow provides training and supervision opportunities for counsellors who are starting out in their career.
  • How to get notifications on messages from my counsellor?
    You will get a notification on your phone every time your counsellor sends a message to you. If you are not receiving these notifications on your phone, please try the following steps: Could you please check if notifications for WriteNow.Care app is enabled in your phone settings. Please see the links below for further instructions. Apple Android 2. Could you please close the app completely on your phone, re-start the phone and re-log in to the app? 3. If the issue persists, could you please email us to with the following details: Make and Model of your mobile device (e.g. iphone X, Samsung galaxy) Operating system version of your mobile device (e.g. iOS 14, android 13)
  • How do I purchase additional live sessions?
    You can purchase additional live sessions directly in the app by clicking on 'Buy More Sessions' button.📲 Your live sessions do not expire as long as you have an active subscription plan. Any un-used live sessions get rolled over to the new period.🔄 If you have any issues in purchasing additional live sessions in the app, please send an email directly at or by clicking on 'Contact Customer Support' on the app.
  • How do I delete my account?
    If you would like to delete your account, please send your request to or fill out the Contact Us form. Your request will be sent to Administrator and processed shortly. Administrator may request to verify your account as privacy and security of our clients are of utmost importance to us. Warning: Once deleted, your account cannot be recovered.
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