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Mental health is just as important as physical health. We want to change how people seek help in Asia and make it accessible for everyone. Feel free to reach out to us! Don't wait, wait, wait until you cannot tahan* anymore.

*tahan means to withstand or endure in Malay (bet you already know this). We just want to let you know, that our counsellors speak English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese (Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese) - whichever makes you feel comfortable. 

We are Human

Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, anxious, or alone? Are you struggling with personal or professional relationships? Have trouble setting or following through with goals or healthy habits? We all go through emotional ups and downs in life, and counselling can help. Our counsellors are also real people (not AI) and are here to help you. They are experienced and trained in modern evidenced-based counselling approaches.

We are Flexible

Our flexible plans allow you to write to your counsellor on your schedule, and choose the format that works best for you:

messaging, chat, phone or video. Have an especially tough week? Add extra live sessions as needed without changing your subscription.

We are Private

We understand that social stigma is still prevalent and asking for help can be daunting. That's why we added features of live chat and private messages to maximize your discretion. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. Our clinical staff works closely with counsellors to uphold a high standard of ethics and treatment. Get a Free Assessment of your mental health today.

We are Affordable

We want everyone to have access to counselling. That's why our prices start as low as S$15/week (charged every 4 weeks), enabling you to stay engaged with your counsellor throughout the month. Sign Up for Early-bird Privileges.

WriteNow provides access to Continuous Care via live chat or video calls, and asynchronous text and audio messaging at your convenience.

Why WriteNow?

First and only mobile platform that enables users to privately engage with professional counsellors throughout the month for as little as


Charged every 4 weeks

Step 1

Download our mobile app at Apple App Store or Google Play. Sign Up for Early-bird Privileges.

Step 2
Pick A Plan

Fill in a short questionnaire in regards to your budget and communication preferences.

Step 3

Choose how you communicate with your counsellor. WriteNow offers messaging as well as live chat, audio and video sessions.

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Experienced. Skilled. Real.

WriteNow has a network of highly trained, educated, and compassionate mental health professionals in Singapore, each with unique skills and experiences to best cater to your needs and wellbeing. We know it can often be difficult to find the right counsellor, which is why we have put together a team of certified counsellors who use WriteNow to ensure that only the best quality services are provided to clients.