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Why Messaging a Counsellor Helps

There is something about expressing your emotions in private... words seem to flow so much more smoothly than meeting in person. Think about all the awkward moments you spent staring at the other person in silence. What if you could also reach out to your counsellor and seek emotional help wherever you feel most at ease?

Here are some ways where messaging a counsellor through an app, such as WriteNow, can benefit you!

1. The Disinhibition Effect

As we have learned more about the impact of technology on human behaviour, one of the unique findings has been that being behind a computer screen changes human behaviour. Research indicates that people will frequently disclose more in an online setting which applies to highly personal and emotional content as well. To a lot of us, opening up online feels less intimidating than in person. With WriteNow, you can choose to communicate with your counsellor in whatever way feels most comfortable to you!

2. Convenience(Time and Location)

With our frantic work and life schedules, it can often be difficult to manage 30 minutes or an hour during the day to have an in person conversation with your counsellor. More if you add the commuting time for in person sessions. However, the option to communicate via messages makes it easier to jot down your thoughts in a few messages throughout the busy day. Neither time nor distance is a barrier anymore as you do not physically need to be in your counsellor’s office or only communicate at scheduled hours!

3. Privacy

We understand that sometimes it is important to maintain your privacy and ask for help without the knowledge of your family and friends. It is tough to take a call in private especially if you are sharing the same house. But by writing messages it is easy to have a helpful conversation with your counsellor without needing to take a video/audio call. Even though all of WriteNow’s plans include live sessions, you can have your live session as a live chat instead of a live call if you prefer.

4. Cost

One of the main barriers to getting therapy is the price point. In person therapy sessions often come with a hefty price tag. However, it is possible to have more affordable options with WriteNow. For example, the subscription plans for WriteNow start from as little as SGD$15 a week.

5. Most common form of communication for digital natives

According to a survey on millennials in the USA, millennials find texts to be“more convenient” and on their own schedule (76%) and “less disruptive than a voice call” (63%). Their overall general preference for communication is to text vs. call (53%). In another survey conducted with over 4000 people, it also was found that 75% of American Gen Z and Millennials would prefer to talk with other people via text message vs actually talking with them [1]. The option to message the counsellor encourages more young people to reach out for help when they need it.

"75% of Millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text" – writes Mediapost [2]

Studies indicate that there may be a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression through online therapy, including asynchronous message therapy. Some studies suggest that results in asynchronous therapy can be consistent with face-to-face therapy for specific issues. One 2020 study [3] mentions that online CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can be as effective as face-to-face therapy. A review of several studies in 2020 found that online CBT for depression might be even more effective than face-to-face therapy [4]. Online therapy or therapy through messages takes away a lot of the barriers or stress related to the process of asking and getting help from counsellors, which can help people focus more on the actual counselling instead of worrying about logistics.

Whether you are asking for help from your smartphone or in person at a therapist’s office, what matters most is that you have taken a step in the right direction to take care of your mental health. Congratulations on prioritising yourself and your mental health! If you want to take this step using WriteNow, we are here to help you in your journey all the way. Take care of yourself and ask for help whenever you need to!


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